M.Sc. Theses in General

Master thesis projects are integral part of our research and teaching and due to that we put particular emphasis both on quality of thesis work and provided supervision. Hence, the number of M.Sc. thesis students we are able to admit is highly limited by our supervision powers, especially since the senior staff and particularly professors are supervising and monitoring all he thesis work in the institute. Hence, it is always better to ask possibilities sooner than later in order not to be dissapoined.

If you are interested in to do your M.Sc. thesis in iNETS, you should make an initial contact to the thesis research coordinator (currently Dr. Ljiljana Simic), one of the professors, or in the case there is an thesis advertisement available the person mentioned in the advertisement. 

Do not hesitate the contact us to ask about opportunities or to suggest your own research theme. Our study coordinator can help you on any generic questions. We have normally more topics and projects than listed in this web-page. All theses topics are tailored and adjusted to make the best possible fit with the skills and interests of students. Similarly we normally interview all the suitable thesis candidates. 

Current Highlighted Thesis Topics

Radio resource scheduling & beam management in 5G-NR (mmW) cellular networks (HOT NEW)

beam management, 5G, RRM, beam steering, simulations
Contact: Aleksandar Ichkov, M.Sc.; Dr. Ljiljana Simic

Performance of beam steering algorithms for 5G and Wi-Fi mmW-systems

beam steering, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, phased antenna arrays, beam management
Contact: Aleksandar Ichkov, M.Sc.; Dr. Ljiljana Simic

5G interference against weather satellites

5G, mmW interference, climate monitoring satellites, system co-existence
Contact: Dr. Andra Voicu; Dr. Ljiljana Simić

Aggregate RF-Exposure in the Future Wireless Systems

RF-exposure and SAR, 5G Deployments, Aggregate RF, Aggregate Interference
Contact: Dr. Ljiljana Simic; Prof. Petri Mähönen

Mobile Network Utiization Modelling

Network Utilization, Spectrum Efficiency, Mobile Data Future, Network Analytics, Data Modeling
Contact:  Dr. Ljiljana Simić;  Prof. Petri Mähönen

Frequency Allocation and Load Balancing

WiFi, 5G, Algorithms, Resource Allocation Wireless Performance
Contact: Andra Voicu, M.Sc.; Prof. Petri Mähönen; Dr. Ljiljana Simic

NGSO Satellite Communications: Interference Issues

Satellite Communications, NGSO interference, Spaceborn Communications
Contact: Andra Voicu, M.Sc.; Dr. Ljiljana Simic

Automation of mmW and Wi-Fi Measurements 

WiFi, Automation Platform, Control Software, Measurement Robot, mmW Networks
Contact: Aleksandar Ichkov, M.Sc.; Dr. Ljiljana Simic

Finding voids and groups from High Dimensional Data

Data Analytics, Big Data, Clustering, Parallel Processing
Contact: Prof. Petri Mähönen

Policy Based TCP Parameter Tuning 

TCP, Policy Based Network Optimization, Internet Protocols, ML
Contact: Andra Voicu, M.Sc.; Prof. Petri Mähönen

mmW Networks Coordination and Rivalry 

mmW, 5G, Access Methods, Allocation Rivalry, 60 GHz, Performance 
Contact: Aleksandar Ichkov, M.Sc.; Dr. Ljiljana Simic

Deep Learning based Blind Signal Classification for SDRs 

WiFi, 60 GHz, 5G, Wireless Performance
Contact: Prof. Petri Mähönen, M.Sc.; Dr. Ljiljana Simic

Analysing Telecommunications Big Data 

5G Techno-Economics, ML Based Prediction, Understanding 4G/5G Network Evolution, Big Data Analytics 
Contact: Prof. Petri Mähönen

Correlated Channel Measurements & Models

Channel State Measurements, Correlation Statistics, Propagation Models Future Cellular Communications
Contact: Aleksandar Ichkov, M.Sc.; Dr. Ljiljana Simic 

Influence and Degree Distribution of Real-World Graphs

Socio Economics, Graph Analysis, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics 
Contact: Dr Vaggelis Douros; Prof. Petri Mähönen

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