Teaching is an integral part of iNETS. Teaching, just like learning, is an investment in the future. We are also trying to do our best to keep our courses up to date. There is a strong link between our research and advanced courses to enforce that. We believe that the quality education also supports our research and we try our best to make an education experiment both useful and enjoyable. However, we do not go after gimmicks in our lectures, we promise not to introduce something just for the sake of novelty into our teaching curriculum or methodology.

We have lecture courses, laboratories, and seminars. In teaching we also value the principle: “through practice you learn best”. In many course we provide almost all lecture materials to students. At the end of the course we are collecting regularly feedback for our internal quality management process.


In this section you will find a graphical presentation showing the timing of our lecture courses (white boxes) and laboratories (grey boxes). We have also every semester one or two seminars that are suitable for M.Sc. students in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science, and we also organize project work during each semester.