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In Short

We conduct academic systems research on communications networks. See synopsis of us here.


The world is becoming increasingly networked and information driven. The term networked society has been used to describe this trend. This means that the challenges for providing reliable, scalable, cost-efficient, and fast communications for people, organisations, and even machines are not diminishing. In the last century our challenge was to provide voice and data communications for people in relatively massive scale using point-to-point links and packet networks. In this century we have to enable truly extreme scale communications in ultra-dense environments. Apart of the communications itself the emerging methods of network science are applicable to many other areas, including societal research, and communications systems themselves can now provide us hard data to study some of the hardest problems related to society and how it evolves. 


Institute for Networked Systems with its sub-groups aims at to strike a balance between fundamental, academically oriented, free research, and applied target-driven research that is conducted together with industry partners. We do only very, very rarely anything that looks like development or pure contract research, as our aim is to be able to provide the best education, best possible research, and the most independent conflict free advice for anyone who is interested in to collaborate with us, or just read our reports. Besides we believe strongly that it is better to technology transfer our ideas and knowledge to existing companies or start-ups than play that game inside the university. 

So had we have been able to operate so that we have achieved successful track-record both in technology transfer and made impact towards future engineering products, including start-up development, without compromising our goals on academically high-calibre research without strings attached. 

Research areas 

Our current work is focused mainly on four different research programmes or areas to understand and develop communication networks, and using and developing interdisciplinary methods to understand networks in general. Four research areas are naturally overlapping with each other, e.g. cognitive communications systems are applied to our IoT and industrial internet work. We strongly believe contributing public policy and public good through our research. 

The current research areas (i) Cognitive Communication Systems, (ii) Ultra Dense and high speed Networks, (iii) Embedded Intelligence and IoT, and (iv) Network Science and Analytics.