2018 Publications


J. Riihijärvi, X. Deng, P. Mähönen
Accuracy of Multimodal Pedestrian Localisation in Different Terminal Contexts"
Proc. of IEEE PerCom 2018 (WiP Track), Athens, Greece, March 2018.



A. M. Voicu, F. Giorgi, L. Simić, M. Petrova
Wi-Fi Evolution for Future Dense Networks: Does Sensing Threshold Adaptation Help?"
Proc. of IEEE WCNC 2018, Barcelona, Spain, April 2018.



P. Wang, M. Petrova, P. Mähönen
DMDL: a Hierarchical Approach to Design, Visualize, and Implement MAC Protocols"
Proc. of IEEE WCNC 2018, Barcelona, Spain, April 2018.



V. G. Douros, J. Riihijärvi, P. Mähönen
On the Efficiency of Lightweight Content Placement Heuristics for Cache-Enabled Networks"
Proc. of the Intl. Workshop on Content Caching and Delivery in Wireless Networks,
in conjunction with WiOpt 2018, Shanghai, China, May 2018.



G. Xylomenos et al.
IP over ICN Goes Live"
Proc. of EuCNC 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 2018. 



A. M. Voicu, B. Rörick, L. Simić, P. Mähönen
Do Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Cause Harmful Interference to Ground Wireless Network Deployments?"
Poster paper in Proc. of the DroNet Workshop, in conjunction with ACM MobiSys 2018, Munich, Germany, June 2018.



A. M. Voicu, S. Shabani, V. G. Douros, L. Simić, P. Mähönen
Techno-Economics of Licensed Shared Access with Mobile Network Operators Leasing Spectrum to PMSE Users"
Proc. of TPRC 2018, Washington, DC, USA, September 2018.



F. Liu and M. Petrova
Dynamic Power and Channel Allocation for Downlink Multi-Channel NOMA Systems""
Proc. of IEEE PIMRC 2018, Bologna Italy, September 2018.



Z. El-friakh, A. M. Voicu, S. Shabani, L. Simić, P. Mähönen
Crowdsourced Indoor Wi-Fi REMs: Does the Spatial Interpolation Method Matter?"
Proc. of IEEE DySPAN 2018, Seoul, South Korea, October 2018.



C. de Vrieze, L. Simić, P. Mähönen
The Importance of Being Earnest: Performance of Modulation Classification for Real RF Signals"
Proc. of IEEE DySPAN 2018, Seoul, South Korea, October 2018.



A. Palaios, V. M. Miteva, P. Mähönen
Contemporary Study of Radio Noise Characteristics in Diverse Environments"
IEEE Access, vol. 6. pp. 25521-25631, 2018.



J. Riihijärvi, P. Mähönen
Machine Learning for Performance Prediction in Mobile Cellular Networks"
IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, 
Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 51-60, February 2018.



A. Munari, V. G. Douros, P. Mähönen
Mixed Nash Equilibria for In-Band Full-Duplex Networks"
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, vol. 7. Iss. 4, pp. 502-505, 2018.



F. Liu, M. Petrova
Dynamic Power Allocation for Downlink Multi-Carrier NOMA Systems"
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 2018 (in press).

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