Communications Networks

Overview and Syllabus:

The course is lectured every winter semester, and it is highly recommended course for IK (Communications Engineering) and TI (Technical Informatics) students. It is aiming to cover basics of computer networks, including the aspects on selected protocols. It is in part roughly similar to “Computer Networks” and “Data Communication” courses offered in many US universities based on the standard text-books.

After the course students should have broad, basic knowledge on communications networks and major protocols hat are used in modern communications networks, and particularly in Internet. We have a strong emphasis on TCP/IP, routing, and data link layer protocols. One of the emphasis is to harmonize the basic knowledge between students coming from different study programs and universities.

Language: English

Material: The course is based on Tanenbaum’s book on compuer networks (4th edition) wih some extra maerial from Kurose & Ross. There is no formal “script” (lecture notes) but we provide extensive lecture slides, homework, and some other extra material through L2P.

Exam: Written final exam is available both in English and German

Responsible professor: Prof. Mähönen