Our alumni has gone everywhere and beyond that. The former students and staff members have been able to distribute themselves around the globe: they are in all continents and some big islands too, like New Zealand. Some of them are successfully making career in he indusry or have started their own companies. Others are sill continuing their studies at graduate schools, while otthers have launched their own academic careers. A few of them are already professors themselves.  The recent graduates have gone to work or study in other universities, and companies like Audi, Alcatel-Lucent, ARM, Bosch, BMW, Broadcom, Cisco, Daimler, Devolo, Ericsson, LanCom, Microsoft, Nokia, P3, Qualcom, and Vodafone — and this is just to mention a few. Whereever they are we are proud of them.

The new privacy rules agreed by the RWTH Aachen University has stopped us to publish a list of alumni or complete list of finished theses. But below you will find a photo showing how many Master thesis we had supervised by the time of 2013 anniversary meeting of iNETS. But we love to keep in touch with our alumni, so if you are one send in email to tell news even if those are short ones.