Ad Hoc Networks and Mobile Computing

Overview and Syllabus:

The lecture, often know just as “Ad Hoc”, is s an elective specialization course that is focusing on currently emerging areas of ad hoc networks and sensor systems that are particularly relevant for many Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial automation (Industry 4.0) and mobile computing applications.

The course follows very closely to trends in relevant research and industrial development. As such it includes a lot of quite recent material that has been transferred from academic and industrial advanced research to be suitable for one semester course. The aim of the course is to provide students basic understanding of wireless ad hoc networks, sensor networks and mobile computing applications (“What?” and “How?”).

At the end of the course students should know the basics of these increasingly important domains of communications engineering. Most importantly they should be able to read basic research literature in this field on the level that is required in the future career. The course covers fundamentals of mobile and ubiquitous computing (including a short historical review and IoT aspects), ad hoc network fundamentals (such as routing and MAC-layer issues), and principles of actuator/sensor networked systems. About final quarter of the course is renewed every year to include new “hot” and emerging topics from research, and to accommodate interest of the audience.

This is an emerging field both in academia and industry. The course will follow an interdisciplinary approach, and is especially suitable for both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering students. It also combines extensive reading of the research literature and in-class discussions to make course efficient and valuable for the future work.

It is strongly recommended to students to prepare the exercise problems every week before the tutorial and hand in their solutions. The teaching assistant will correct all student work and feedback will be provided.

Reading and Bibliography:
The lecture slides are made available in L2P. The relevant literature is introduced in the beginning of the course. There is a strong emphasis in the course to teach students to find suitable extra information from the literature and internet. 
Previous Knowledge:

No strict requirements from M.Sc. level. Contact teaching staff if you are uncertain.

Language: English

Material: The course is based on Tanenbaum’s book on compuer networks (4th edition) wih some extra maerial from Kurose & Ross. There are “script” (lecture notes) but we provide lecture notes, homework, and some other extra material through L2P.

Exam: Usually an oral exam

Responsible professor: Prof. Mähönen, Dr Simic