About Us


The institute for networked systems (iNETS) focuses on systems research of networks, particularly wireless ones. The institute is organised around two research domains lead by Prof. Mähönen (Networked Systems, Complex Networks) and Prof. Petrova (Self-Organized Networks, Ultra-High Speed Communications).

Our primary mission is to conduct academic and conflict-of-interest free high-quality research. We rather see ourselves as a small boutique shop that is able to provide quality and high quality advice than a large contract research laboratory trying to maximise its size and revenues. That said we have an excellent international contacts and cooperation both with industry and other academia. 

Apart of studying overall systems, our work focuses on protocols and algorithms mostly in OSI-layers 2, 3, and 4, and networked systems and applications. However, as a large part of our work is done in the context of wireless networks we understand also Physical-layer techniques, and perhaps one could say that our work spans from layer 1+ toward upper layers.

Our work is both theoretical and experimental, and we operate a number of different testbeds tha allow us to set ideas a the industrial quality environments