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Quick Description as FAQ

  • Professor and the head of the institute 
  • In Aachen since the end of 2002 
  • If you wonder my name, I am originally from Finland
  • Answers to some questions

    • Yes, I do like teaching...
    • Yes, I like Germany and I am impressed by German grammar
    • Yes, I still supervise personally students 
    • Yes, I can do Linux. I was using already 0.x versions.
    • Yes, I am also using MacOS, after all it is ix-machine
    • Yes, I can program LISP. I can do it even with FORTRAN.
    • Yes, I can solve some Einstein Field Equations
    • No, I never did punch cards, I am not that old ...but I have programmed a PDP-11
    • No, I have no sports car, SUV, or a tank.
    • No, I cannot play a bagpipe (der Dudelsack)

Bio and a bit of background

I am currently a full professor of networked systems and a founding director of the institute for networked systems at RWTH Aachen University. Previously I held an Ericsson Chair of Wireless Networks also at the RWTH Aachen. Before joining to RWTH Aachen in 2002, I was a professor and research director at the Centre for Wireless Communications, Finland. I have studied and worked in the United States, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. 

Why Aachen? Lets call it optimal climate for scientific work. My personal experimentation has proved that Aachen, in fact, has rather perfect conditions. It is significantly warmer than Scandinavia (good). There are true seasons, which suits for me better than California (great, although we do not have Napa Valley vineyards, but I do not miss any Bay rush hours either), and believe-it-or-not it rains less in Aachen than in my old hometown in the UK. 

Why academia? I am fundamentally researcher who wants to work with both theoretical and practical problems. Although I have experience from industrial projects and have participated in different roles in start-up companies (mainly started by my students), I feel best in the academic environment where one is free from commercial and corporate pressures. I am rather old fashioned academic, who believes these old and sometimes unfashionable ideas of academic freedom, research based teaching, and not having conflicts of interests. 

My present research interests include cognitive wireless networks, embedded intelligence in IoT systems, theory of complex networks, future network architectures, and more generally optimized and adaptive wireless communications. I am mostly working at OSI-layers 2-4, but a considerable amount of my work is more general methodology research which includes systems design, systems modeling and theoretical aspects. 

Publishing? Yes, I publish with my students. But I will not bore you with numbers, which is not a particularly interesting topic. You will find even less talk about my third-party funding success. However, the academic work of iNETS is relatively highly cited. 

The most satisfying results in the academia? My graduated students, both Ph.D and M.Sc. They have been able to literally span the globe, e.g. in North-to-South direction they have spread between Finland and New Zealand. This is made somewhat more understandable by the fact that I have had students with over 30 different nationalities. Some of them are continuing in academia, the first ones have already their own professorships, others are busy in industry or working in governmental organisations...few of them are busily building their own companies. 


Current postdocs: Andrea Munari, Vaggelis Douros, Jin Li
Current research students: see team web-page

Former postdocs:

Janne Riihijärvi (now P3)
Ljiljana Simić (now RWTH Aachen)
Jad Nasreddine (now Assoc. Professor in Lebanon, before with MobiNets)
Junaid Ansari (now in Intel; previously with Ericsson Research)
Vinay Kolar (now with Cisco; previously IBM Research and CMU)
Ramakant Komali (now wireless@gns, previously with Cisco)
Marina Petrova (now professor at KTH Stockholm)
Sylwia Romaszko (European Patent Office)
Evgeny Osipov (Professor, LTU Sweden)
Xia Li (now professor in China)
Alexandre de Baynast (now in Microsoft Research)
Christopher Ververidis (now with Hypertech; previously at AUEB Greece)

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