15.01.2021 | New web-presence

We are working on updating our web-presence including transitioning to new hosting platform. Due to this there are periods of outage in the current web-pages and updating of the content is sporadic. Due to obvious restrictions, the updating period is unfortunately rather long and partially unpredictable, but we hope that you will be able to enjoy enhanced experience by late Spring 2021.

22.12.2020 | Holiday Season 2020

We wish everyone safe and relaxing holiday season. It has been a tough year for everyone so some break and relaxation is welcome. All iNETS teaching and thesis advising come back online starting 4th of January. We thank all our students, collaborators, and cooperation parters for all your support in 2020.

26.03.2020 | Teaching in SS2020

Covid-19 is affecting our teaching, but we try to minimize the effect to the students. Most of the iNETS laboratory courses are likely to cancelled, expect SMEAGOL which we hope to give as an intensive laboratory course with extra support. Most of our lecture courses will start as digital offerings, more detailed information will be available in the individual course rooms in Moodle. All thesis student work and supervision continues intensively through digital means, and we are providing flexible access to remote desktops and institute servers.

21.01.2020 | Guest Lecture by Prof. Cabric on 21.1

Prof. Danijela Cabric (UCLA) will be giving a guest lecture on 21st of January at 10.00 a.m. The theme of the lecture is "Distributed Communications and Sensing with UAV Swarms".

20.01.2020 | Official Ph.D. degree talk on 20.1

Ms Andra Voicu will give her official dissertation talk on 20th January starting at 09.30. The talk presents the main results from her doctroal thesis titled "Spectrum Sharing for Broadband Technology Coexistence in the Unlicensed Bands". The talk takes place in the seminar-room (C020) of iNETS.

06.11.2019 | Official Ph.D. degree talk on 6.10.

Mr Fei Liu will give his official dissertation talk on 6th November starting at 10.00. The talk presents the main results from his thesis titled "Design and Performance Analysis of Dynamic Resource Allocation in OMA and NOMA networks". The talk takes place in the seminar-room (C020) of iNETS.

29.10.2019 | B.Sc. thesis talk on 29th of October

Ms Sandra Vogt will give her B.Sc. thesis presentation on Tuesday 29th October at 15 on “Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi Network Deployments using IoT Devices”. 

24.05.2019 | Two M.Sc. thesis talks on 27th of June

Mr Dimitrios Pappas will be presenting results from his thesis titled "Mitigation of interference between DSL and PCL". This work was conducted in cooperation with devolo AG. Afterwards, Mr Sven Riek will give his MSc. thesis presentation on Thu 27th June at 11 on “Study of inter-system interference for UAV deployments”. 

24.05.2019 | M.Sc. thesis talk on 24th of May

Mr Christophe Braun will give his MSc. thesis presentation on Friday 24th May at 11 on “Study of NGSO Satellite Interference”. 

17.05.2019 | M.Sc. thesis talk on 17th of May

Mr Salim Mansour will give his MSc. thesis presentation on Friday 17th May at 10 am. Work is done in cooperation with Ericsson and is titled “Study and Evaluation of the QUIC Protocol for Live Adaptive Streaming in 5G V2X Networks”. 

07.05.2019 | Thesis seminar day on 7th of May

On Tuesday 7th of March iNETS organises thesis seminar day with three mm-wave area presentations. Mr Florian Wischeler presents at 10:00 results from his M.Sc. thesis "Survey and Experimental Study of mm-Wave Beamsteering Algorithms". This is followed by the M.Sc. presentation by Mr Nivas Kebbahali on "Simulation Study of mm-Wave Networks Performance in ns-3". Starting at 12:00 pm Mr Ivan Karetic will finish the seminar day by reporting results from his B.Sc. thesis project titled "Measurement Study of mm-Wave Blockage Events". 

29.03.2019 | M.Sc. thesis talks on 29th of March

We have an MSc. thesis presentation on Friday 29th March at 11am from Nikola Milosevic on “RF Jamming Vulnerability of IoT Networks”. 

15.03.2019 | M.Sc. thesis talks on 15th of March

On Friday 15th of March at 14:00, Mustapha Khalifa will present his M.Sc. thesis on "Implementation and Performance Analysis of Radar on a Software Defined Radio Platform". The talk covers aspects on the implementation of a pulsed radar and the performance comparison between the pulsed radar and CW radar (FMCW and DFCW).

21.01.2019 | M.Sc. thesis talks on 21st of January

We have an MSc. thesis presentation on Monday 21st of January at 11am from Mr Luis Torres on Non-Intrusive Cell Load Estimation in Commercial LTE Networks for Media Selection in Hybrid V2X Systems". Work has been done in cooperation with Fraunhofer ESK. 

14.12.2018 | M.Sc. thesis talks on 14th of December

Mr. Shridhar Rajashekarraju will be presenting his M.Sc. thesis titled "Radio Environment Maps using Software Defined Radios" on Friday 14th of December at 15:00.

19.11.2018 | Public Dissertation Talk: Peng Wang

Mr Peng Wang will give his public dissertation talk before defending his Ph.D. thesis titled "Designing and Implementing Cognitive Medium Access Control Protocols: A Hierarchical Approach". The talk will take place in iNETS seminar room on Monday, November 19th and starts at 10:00 am. 

12.11.2018 | Two thesis talks on 12th of November

On Monday, November 12th we are organising thesis seminar day. Specifically we have two thesis talks. First, Ms Maad Al-Fartousi presents her M.Sc. thesis results at 10:00. The thesis is titled "Performance Evaluation of NB-IoT under realistic Indoor-Outdoor Environments". This is is followed by a B.Sc. thesis talk given by Mr Nils Plückebaum at 11:00 titled "Implementation of an IoT Security Framework".

09.11.2018 | Thesis Mini-Symposeum on 9th of November

On Friday, November 9th we are organising thesis symposium day. Specifically we have three thesis talks. First, Ms Umaar Farooq presents her M.Sc. thesis results at 03:00. The thesis is titled "Multi-Connectivity Scheduling for Multi-RAT 5G System". The research was done in cooperation with NEC Research. This is is followed by a M.Sc. thesis talk given by Mr Klaudio Elezai at 11:00 titled "Experimental Coexistence Study of Different Medium Access Control Methods". Finally, Mr Joachim Streit presents results from his B.Sc. thesis at 14:00. The talk is titled "Pedestrian Traffic Dynamics in the context of Mobile Communications Networks". 

23.10.2018 | IEEE DySPAN 2018 Week

IEEE DySPAN 2018 conference starts on Monday, September 22nd in Seoul. The conference is one of the premier conferences on cognitive radios, dynamic spectrum management, and beyond 5G concepts. This year iNETS participates to conference with a team presenting two papers. One outlining our results on applying spatial interpolation methods for crowdsourced REM data, and another outlining early results from our work on using machine learning for modulation classification.

22.10.2018 | B.Sc. thesis talks on 22nd of October

On Monday, October 22nd we have B.Sc. thesis seminar. Mr Florian Walter presents results from his B.Sc. thesis results at 16:00. The thesis is titled as "Performance Evaluation of Data Centre TCP in ns-3". The results show some surprising behaviour of DCTCP, when compared to buffer managed classical TCP flavour.

12.09.2018 | Communications Networks (Kommunikationsnetze) Results

Exam results of Kommunikationsnetze have been posted. There will be an opportunity to have a look of exam papers (Einsicht) at 4 pm on Wednesday 19th September in the iNETS lecture room. 

12.09.2018 | New IoT Laboratory Course in Winter Semester

We are introducing a new Internet of Things (IoT) laboratory project in the coming winter semester. The course is similar to popular SMEAGOL laboratory, but IoTLab focuses on Internet of Technology issues in the context of embedded design, communications, and sensor. 

10.09.2018 | Two thesis talks on 10th of September

On Monday, September 10th we have two M.Sc. thesis seminars. Specifically we have two thesis talks. First, Mr Chaudhary Maid Nadeem presents his M.Sc. thesis results at 15:00. The thesis is titled "Classification and Prediction of Network Traffic using Machine Learning". This is is followed by a M.Sc. thesis talk given by Ms Anagha Thakur at 16:00 titled "Performance Evaluation of Modern TCP Variants in High-Speed Wireless Networks".

20.08.2018 | Two thesis talks on 20th of August

On Monday, June 20th we have a mini M.Sc. thesis seminar day. Specifically we have two thesis talks. First, Mr Sebastian B. Leutner presents his M.Sc. thesis results at 10:00. The thesis is titled "Software-Defined mm-Wave OFDM Transceiver using RFNoC FPGA Framework". This is is followed by a M.Sc. thesis given by Mr Colin de Vrieze  at 11:00 titled "RF Signal Classification using Machine Learning".

13.07.2018 | iNETS Thesis mini-conference on 13th of July

On Friday 13th of July, iNETS organises a mini-conference presenting results from two M.Sc. thesis and one B.Sc. thesis projects. The presentations are given by Ms Marie-Theres Suer for M.Sc. degree ("Cooperative Sensing Threshold for Future Wi-Fi Networks"), and Ms Nina Grosheva for M.Sc. degree ("Performance Study of Radar and Communications Systems Coexistence"). Ms Xiaotong Meng will defend her B.Sc. degree ("Machine Learning Algorithms for Radar Based Gesture Recognition"). The mini-conference presentations will start at 09:00 a.m. and will take place in the Seminar Room of iNETS. 

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