B.Sc. Theses in General

There is generally a large number of B.Sc. thesis topics available. Our capability to offer B.Sc. theses is limited by our supervising power rather than a number of suitable projects. As many our B.Sc. thesis topics are closely related to software or hardware development, or making measurements or simulations with some very fancy devices, we do not have capability to list all the topics in our web-page. Otherwise we would be updating it too regularly. 

You will find some teaser topics in this web-page, and you can have a look of Master thesis topics as many of those can be also made suitable for more limited Bachelor project. The best approach for seeking B.Sc. thesis opportunity in iNETS is to talk about it with us. Thus if you are interested in to do your B.Sc. thesis in iNETS, you should make an initial contact to the research coordinator (currently Dr Ljiljana Simic) or one of the professors

Current Highlighted B.Sc. Thesis Topics

Dynamic Frequency Allocation for Cognitive Radios with Minority Games

Wireless, Cellular, Game Theory, Simulations, Resource Allocation
Contact: Dr Maria Michalopoulou; Prof. Petri Mähönen

mmW Packet Radio Characterization

High Frequencies, 5G, Software Defined Radio, Link Performance, Future Networks
Contact: Julian Arnold, M.Sc.; Dr Ljiljana Simic; Prof. Marina Petrova

Building your own cities: generating synthetic test cities 

Artificial Cities, Mobile Systems, Raytracing, Propagation models, Coverage 
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Janne Riihijärvi, Dr Ljiljana Simić

Effects of Building Materials of mm-wave Frequency Communications  

Propagation Models and Measurements, 5G, mmW, Future Cellular Communications
Contact: Dr. Ljiljana Simic

Finding voids and groups from High Dimensional Data

Data Analytics, Big Data, Clustering, Parallel Processing
Contact: Prof. Petri Mähönen

Distributed Spectrum Measurements

Spectrum Measurements, Spectrum Analysis, Software Defined Radio, Cognitive Radio 
Contact: Julian Arnold, M.Sc.; Prof. Petri Mähönen

Advanced Spectrum Sensing for IEEE 802.11ac 

WiFi, Spectrum Sensing, Simulations, ns-3, Dense Networks
Contact: Andra Voicu, M.Sc.; Dr. Ljiljana Simic

Techno-Economics of Mobile Markets

Techno-Economics, Analysis of Mobile Markets, Operations Studies
Contact: Dr Vaggelis Douros; Prof. Petri Mähönen

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