Institute for Networked Systems

Institute for Networked Systems is jointly directed by Prof. Petri Mähönen and Prof. Marina Petrova. The research in the institute focuses on communications systems and networks, particularly in the wireless domain. The two main research groups operating in the institute are the networks & systems group and the self-organized networks group. The mission of INETS is apart from research, educating the next generation of leaders in communications engineering and network science. 


09.09.2016 | Guest Seminar on 9th of September

Dr Sandeep Narayanan Kadan Veedu from University College Dublin (Ireland) will be giving a guest seminar on Friday 9th of September at 10:00 a.m. in Seminar Room of iNETS. The talk is titled "Energy-efficient physical layer design of 5G wireless networks." 

02.09.2016 | M.Sc. thesis talk on 2nd of September

Mr Laurent Lava presents results from his M.Sc. thesis titled "Measurement-Based Validation of IEEE 802.11ac Simulations for the Indoor Environment". The work is a part of dense networks programme of Self-Organized Network group. The presentation will take place on Friday 2nd of September at 15:30 in Seminar Room of iNETS.  

12.08.2016 | Editorship announcement

Prof. Petrova joins the editorial board of IEEE Trans. of Mobile Computing as an associate editor.

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