Institute for Networked Systems

Institute for Networked Systems is jointly directed by Prof. Petri Mähönen and Prof. Marina Petrova. The research in the institute focuses on communications systems and networks, particularly in the wireless domain. The two main research groups operating in the institute are the networks & systems group and the self-organized networks group. The mission of INETS is apart from research, educating the next generation of leaders in communications engineering and network science. 


02.12.2016 | Two thesis talks on 2nd of December

On December 2nd we have a double thesis talk day. First, Mr Vlad Hrestic presents his M.Sc. thesis results at 14:00. The thesis is titled "Resource Management for Millimeter-Wave Mobile Cellular Networks". This is followed by a B.Sc. thesis talk by Mr Markus Stroot at 15:00 titled "Visualization of Radio Signals in 3D environments." 

30.11.2016 | M.Sc. thesis talk on 30th of November

Ms Amulya Venkatesh presents results from his M.Sc. thesis titled "Planning Tool for Infrastructure Networks with Highly Directional Steerable Antennas". The work is a part of dense networks programme of Self-Organized Network group. The presentation will take place on 30th of November at 10:00 in Seminar Room of iNETS.  

20.10.2016 | Two B.Sc. thesis talks on 20th of October

On Thursday 20th of October two B.Sc. thesis presentations will take place at 2.30 p.m and 3.30 pm. The first one is given by Mr Lennart Heim on "Network Virtualization for Automatic Deployment of SDR-Based Wireless Experiments." The second presentation is by Mr Magnus Tingulstad on "Synthetic 3D Cities for Radio Environment Modelling".  Both presentations will take place in the Seminar Room of iNETS.  

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